21 Day Challenge 2023 Term 3

A thriving ocean for future generations

This 21 Day Challenge has ended. Thanks a lot for being a part of it!

You can still browse the schools and classrooms that participated and see their uploads and how much plastic they picked up!
Just head to the Browse tab and click on a school in the map or classroom in the leaderboard!

21 Day Challenge 2023 Term 3

A thriving ocean for future generations

Plastic collected

Can each student collect 1+ pieces of plastic per day for 21 days?

936 students collected 11040 pieces of plastic That's 0.6 pieces of plastic per student per day!

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21 Day Challenge 2023 Term 3

A thriving ocean for future generations

What is the 21 Day Challenge?

Young Ocean Explorers 21 day challenge is an integrated curriculum teaching resource that links to the New Zealand Curriculum at levels 1–4, but can be adapted for use at various levels.

  • 21 Days of learning, thinking, and creating to engage and empower students to care for waterways in their local rohe (area). 

  • Each lesson will need about 60 mins - kaiako (teachers) can pick and choose to suit the time  available, and there are many ideas for extension to delve deeper. Each lesson can be integrated across curriculum areas.

  • The complimentary Teachers site and a student site can be used alongside the lessons.



  • To encourage an increased knowledge of Aotearoa’s precious waterways - moana, awa, roto (ocean, rivers, lakes) and how they are linked.

  • To build an understanding of the importance of these waterways to many people in various ways, and the importance for the creatures that live in and around those waterways.

  • To think about kaitiakitanga and caring for our local environment. 

The Teacher site has everything teachers need - a link to the lesson plan overview, and a link to the student site. There is also a daily link to each lesson plan which they will get access to as the challenge progresses.

“… thanks so much for the 21 Day Challenge- the resources were fantastic and our teachers and kids really enjoyed the unit.”

- Teacher

“We have watched most of the Young Ocean Explorer videos and enjoyed doing the one plus a day. We also tried the mussel filtering experiment. We love doing your tasks and we are excited to learn more.”

- Students

“Thanks for all the amazing resources and for inspiring the Kaitiaki in us. Love your work!”

- Teacher

“You’re inspirational - keeping us all on track protecting our oceans! Thank you so much!”

- Teacher

“ This is an unique opportunity for learners to engage with scientists, experts and each other, while at the same time helping and learning more about our marine environment ... What a great model for learning”

- Jill Corkin, MNZM – Retired Principal & Past President of Auckland Primary Principal’s Association.