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Crazy plastic journey
Te reo!
Te haerenga wawau o te kirihou
Te reo!
Whakamutua te whakamahi kirihou
Stop plastic!
Te reo!
Ngā manu o te moana me ngā tohorā!
Catch fish not birds
Seabirds and whales!
Te reo!
Hopukina he ika, kaua ko te manu.
Why is plastic so bad for sea creatures?
Can you hold your breath longer than a fur seal?
Why do orca end up stuck on the beach?
What is an apex predator?
What eats turtles?
Riley confronts a big fear
Whose skull am I holding?
Riley swims with galapagos sharks
What is this creature?
What's so special about turtle shells?
Is anything scared of a dolphin?
How do you clean a dirty ocean?
What is a food chain?
Meet the loggerhead turtle
How Dad saved a dolphin!
Riley's amazing ray adventure
What is it like to save an orca?
What do turtles use their back flippers for?
Which fish's poo makes sand?
Riley finds where the baby fish live
How do rays breathe underwater?
Where do common dolphins call home?
How does a dolphin move?
Are shipwrecks good or bad?
What are zooplankton?
Riley explores a marine park
What is a habitat?
Who can set up a marine park?
Riley rescues a turtle!
Which habitat would you rather live in?
Whales can’t tell the difference between ...?
What sea animal eats like a cow?
Where do creatures poo in the ocean?
What is a habitat?
How many eggs does this huge fish lay?
Kelp, help!
Meet the striped marlin
Which one of these is not a dolphin?
Tricks to hold your breath longer
How to hide in plain sight
Shark Dad jokes
What made this crazy thing?
Breathing is tricky for a turtle
Which sea animal wears armour to survive?
Mussels do what to the water?