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Riley finds where the baby fish live

Join Riley and Steve as they explore the beautifully clear Whangateau Harbour and meet all the baby fish that live there.
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Riley finds where the baby fish live

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A shellfish with a long white oval shell.



A group of animals that includes crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill and barnacles. Crustaceans have an 'exoskeleton' which is a hard shell on the outside of their bodies. In order to grow they 'moult' or crawl out of their old shell and grow a new one.



A sharp-toothed, reddish fish found around Australia and New Zealand. It is a popular recreational fish (lots of fisherman like to fish for snapper for fun), and commonly eaten for dinner in New Zealand (fish and chips anyone?)



An animal (E.g. a shark, dolphin, or human) that naturally hunts and eats other animals.



A plant similar to grass that grows in shallow waters close to land. Seagrasses can grow into huge underwater meadows. They provide a place for young fish and other small sea creatures to live and are an important source of food for larger animals like turtles.



Large algae that grow in the sea or on rocks on the sea shore. Seaweed can be red, brown, or green, and you will often find it washed up on the sea shore.



A long line of jagged rock, coral, or sand just above or below the surface of the ocean. An artificial reef is when a human-made structure creates a reef on the sea floor.



A habitat is the place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives. A habitat provides food, water, shelter, and a place to raise young. For example a coral reef or a sandy beach.



A place on the coast where ships can safely anchor because it is protected from rough water, wind, and sea currents.



When animals mate and produce babies together.

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