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Welcome Young Ocean Explorer

Explore New Zealand's fascinating underwater world with Riley and Steve Hathaway.
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Welcome Young Ocean Explorer

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Interviews with Experts
Hauraki Gulf
YOE adventures
Dr Ingrid Visser answers our questions about Orca
Learn to Draw - Snapper
Where do paddle crabs live?
Little blue penguin eggs
Have you ever met a stingray?
What does a dolphins sonar tell them?
NZ’s first nature reserve?
Will you help save the Māui dolphin?
The incredible Hauraki Gulf
Crazy plastic journey
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Sand dune surfing - Community story
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Threats to Māui dolphins
Meet the humpback whale
What are threats to seabirds?
What is a slow down zone?
Peter Burling and Blair Tuke answer our questions
How do you clean a dirty ocean?
How many eggs does this huge fish lay?
Where do creatures poo in the ocean?
Do fish eat meatballs?
Lots of whales in the gulf?
How do you save a bird?
What is a gulf?
What do seabirds do?
Who are the acrobats of the sea?
Can you find the triplefin all over NZ?
Kiwi vs. petrel
Mangōpare - Hammerhead shark
Fur Seals - A Story of Survival
What is a food chain?
How 2 Hongi
How many species of turtles?
Whale expert Nan Hauser answers our questions
How do marine pests get to NZ
Riley rescues a turtle!
Learn to Draw - Octopus
Fantastic Wheke facts!
Whose skull am I holding?
Which sea animal wears armour to survive?
How long do Māui dolphins live for?
Orca Dad jokes
Pāua, Kina & Rāhui
What's so special about turtle shells?