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Welcome Young Ocean Explorer

Explore New Zealand's fascinating underwater world with Riley and Steve Hathaway.
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Welcome Young Ocean Explorer

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Hauraki Gulf
YOE adventures
Have you ever met a stingray?
Where did all the kelp go?
How far do black petrels fly?
Hope Stories - Harakeke rope
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Crazy plastic journey
Goat Island
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Sea Cleaners! Making a difference
How did fur seals get their name?
Name the Māui dolphins cousin
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What is a habitat?
Why do orca end up stuck on the beach?
Whales can’t tell the difference between ...?
Kina - Rangatahi
What is orca chocolate?
Stingray Dad jokes
Where do whales and dolphins hang out?
Catch fish not birds
Lots of whales in the gulf?
Where do paddle crabs live?
How can blind dolphins catch fish?