YOE - Love Our Ocean
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Stop plastic!
Crazy plastic journey
Why is plastic so bad for sea creatures?
Why do orca end up stuck on the beach?
Whales can’t tell the difference between ...?
Who can set up a marine park?
Where did all the kelp go?
How Dad saved a dolphin!
What is it like to save an orca?
Are shipwrecks good or bad?
Riley explores a marine park
Top tips on saving our oceans
Tricks to hold your breath longer
Is that an underwater robot?
Why did Kevin Iro set up a marine park?
Māngo & Mau rākau
S.O.S – Save our sharks!
How do you film movies underwater?
Sea Cleaners! Making a difference
What could you do to help stop the spread of pests
Peter Burling and Blair Tuke answer our questions
Pāua, Kina & Rāhui
Riley goes whale watching
What is most likely to hurt a dolphin?
How can we care for our dolphins?
Should sharks be protected?
How to swim with a snorkel
Riley talks to a world record holder!
Hope Stories - Fish tagging
Kaitiakitanga - Community story
Human Dad jokes
Hope Stories - Experiencing Marine Reserves
Why have lights when filming?
Which ocean job suits you best?
Māori games - Community story
Hope Stories - 1+A Day
Whai & Navigation
Shark guru Rodney Fox answers our questions
Rāhui - protection
How do you save a bird?
Hope Stories - Sea Cleaners
Sand dune surfing - Community story
Dr Siouxsie Wiles answers our questions
Andy Casagrande answers our questions
William Trubridge answers our questions
Shark guru, Rodney Fox answers kids questions
Canoeing - Community story
Kane Williamson answers our questions
Clarke Gayford answers our questions
Navigation by stars