YOE - Video: How do you clean a dirty ocean?
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How do you clean a dirty ocean?

Jump into the freezing water with Riley and her friend Sasha. Swim with rays, and discover just how important mussels are to the health of the ocean.
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How do you clean a dirty ocean?

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A dark blue, black, or brown shellfish that has two long oval shells. You will find them on the rocky shore, clumped together and attached to rocks. Mussels are ‘filter feeders’ that play an important role in the health of our oceans.

Eagle ray


The eagle ray, or whai keo in Māori, is a large, diamond-shaped ocean creature with long pointed pectoral fins, a long tail, and a distinct head.



Orca, or maki and kākahi in Māori, are also known as ‘killer whale.' They are a large black and white 'toothed whales' that are actually the largest member of the dolphin family. Orca are apex predators, which means no other animal in the sea hunts and eats them. They have a large dorsal (back) fin and live in groups that hunt seals, fish, and penguin together. They can be found all over the world, including in New Zealand waters.



Taking food to be eaten. Usually harvesting takes place at a certain time of year, when that food is ripe or able to be taken without negative effects on an ecosystem.

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