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What made this crazy thing?

Riley's found a strange looking object - but what amazing animal made it? Nā te aha tēnei mea rerekē, i hanga? Kua kitea e Riley he mea rerekē – engari nā tēhea kararehe I mahi? Click the [CC] icon in the video player to view Te Reo subtitles.
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What made this crazy thing?

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Egg case


The casing around the egg of some sharks and skates. Also known as a mermaids purse.



There are two meanings for spiracle: 1. An opening which allows a fish to breathe. 2. The part of a shark egg case which attaches the egg to something so it doesn't float away.



Large algae that grow in the sea or on rocks on the sea shore. Seaweed can be red, brown, or green, and you will often find it washed up on the sea shore.



The way that some animals hide by blending into their surroundings.

Whale shark


A very large tropical shark which usually swims close to the surface. It is the largest known fish and feeds on tiny floating animals called plankton.

Elephant fish


A large marine fish with a trunk-like snout.



Sea animals that stay in one place their whole life. Some coral produce a colourful skeleton (which is also called coral) that will remain after they die. Coral are often found grouped in large areas called coral reefs, and they are related to sea anemones and jellyfish.



Crayfish, or kōura in Māori, are also called Spiny Rock Lobster. They are a creature with long antennae, no claws, and a hard 'exoskeleton' or shell which they need to cast off in order to grow bigger. In some areas it is customary for Māori to make sure that the kōura has all of it's limbs when taken. Why? If a kōura loses a leg or antenna when it is taken, other kōura might see that as a reason to leave the area!

Puffer fish


A prickly fish that puffs itself up to scare away predators by swallowing water or air. It is often poisonous.

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