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Stop plastic!
Crazy plastic journey
Seabirds and whales!
Catch fish not birds
Whakamutua te whakamahi kirihou
Te haerenga wawau o te kirihou
Which is the easiest piece of rubbish to pick up?
Can you tell the future?
Ngā manu o te moana me ngā tohorā!
Help us save our oceans?
Ways to use less plastic
Hopukina he ika, kaua ko te manu.
Oceans full of plastic
Disappearing sea life?
What’s bad about plastic?
Should we protect our seabirds?
Why make friends with a killer whale?
Favourite marine reserve?
Chicks in the Hauraki Gulf?
Should we care about sea birds?
Would you slow down for whales?
How far do black petrels fly?
Why get caught on a fishing line?
How many species of turtles?
Kiwi vs. petrel
Eudyptula, what?
Protection in the ocean
What’s a twitcher?
What are threats to seabirds?
What is a slow down zone?
Places to protect our sea life
Annoying species
How many whales?
How do slow down zones work?
More marine reserves?
Most amazing petrel fact?
Islands in the Hauraki Gulf
Name your favourite sea bird
What do seabirds do?
Does the slow down zone work?
How many marine reserves?
Lots of whales in the gulf?
Speedy boats ...
Most common dolphin?
What is a gulf?
How do you save a bird?
Name this miracle bird
Which is the coolest island in the Hauraki Gulf?
NZ’s first nature reserve?
My favourite island in the gulf
What does Hauraki mean?
Name the smallest penguin?
What’s a seabird flyway?
What’s a marine current?
Birds with magic tricks
Little blue penguin eggs
How far do little blue penguins swim?
One of my favourite places
Which one of these places is not in the Hauraki Gulf?
Biggest island in the gulf?
Māori name for Hauraki Gulf?
South island in the Gulf?
Snorkelled in a marine reserve?