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What is this creature?
Seabirds and whales!
Whose skull am I holding?
Meet the loggerhead turtle
Learn to Draw - Great White
Looking for a tiny dolphin
Meet the largest dolphin in the sea
Kelp, help!
Learn to Draw - Bryde's Whale
A swimming crab, WHAT?
Meet the striped marlin
Fur Seals - A Story of Survival
Meet the humpback whale
Learn to Draw - Common Dolphin
If you were a turtle, would you rather ...
Learn to Draw - Māori Octopus
Is this a sea hedgehog?
Name this marine pest
Dr Ingrid Visser answers our questions about Orca
Meet the hawksbill turtle
How do marine pests get to NZ
Learn to Draw - Blue Whale
Learn to draw - Crayfish
Learn to Draw - Snapper
Learn to Draw - Māui Dolphin
Learn to Draw - Manta Ray
Learn to Draw - Bronze Whaler
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Learn to Draw - Eagle Ray
Rochelle Constantine answers our questions
How many species of turtles?
Fantastic Wheke facts!
Meet a special kind of shark
Meet a UFO!
Learn to Draw - Triplefin
How far do black petrels fly?
Meet the tastiest creature in the ocean
Mangōpare - Hammerhead shark
What is a hawksbill turtle’s fav food?
Would you eat a paddle crab?
Why shouldn’t we buy tortoiseshell?
How close have you been to a dolphin?
Wheke - Octopus
Hope Stories - Fish tagging
Most amazing petrel fact?
Little blue penguin eggs
Where do paddle crabs live?
Birds with magic tricks
Why is my dad scared of crabs?
Hope Stories - Revive our Gulf
Name the smallest penguin?
Fur seal
How far do little blue penguins swim?
Shark guru Rodney Fox answers our questions
Kūtai - Mussels
Shark guru, Rodney Fox answers kids questions