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Māui Dolphins (8SK0ReE)

The maui dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins in the world, and one of the rarest. This assignment looks at where they live, how to spot one and what to do if you ever do. Join Riley and Steve in their adventures on the west coast of the North Island as they search for this hard to spot mammal.

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The total length is approximately 14:19.

    Riley's big Māui dolphin adventure
    How does a dolphin move?
    Name the Māui dolphins cousin
    What does endemic mean?
    What does a dolphins sonar tell them?
    Which dolphin has the biggest teeth?
    Threats to Māui dolphin
    Disappearing sea life?
    How many Māui dolphins?
    Threats to Māui dolphins
    Will you help save the Māui dolphin?
    Spot the dolphin difference
    Looking for a tiny dolphin
    How long do Māui dolphins live for?
    Where do Māui dolphins live?