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Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation  The Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation

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Wright Family Foundation

Hype & Dexter

Giltrap Group

Honda Marine


Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life

Dr Rochelle Constantine, University of Auckland

Dr Nan Hauser, Cook Islands Whale Research

Dr Ingrid Visser, Orca Research Trust

Dr Dan Godoy, Lecturer Massey University

Kimoro Taiepa, Lead Tutor Maori Arts Education

Te Wānanga O Aotearoa


Auckland Zoo

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Woodlands Park School. With special thanks to Liz Manley, Helen Emson and Room 12, Kit McIntyre and Room 5, Andy Boyd and Room 6

Avondale Primary School. With special thanks to Greg Chalmers, Va'ai Sililoto,  Joanne Corcoran, Stacey Brown, and Vicki Billing

Elaine Whitworth, Biology Teacher Unitec Institute of Technology

Vashti Tymkin, Teacher Westmere School

Laureline Meynier, Lecturer Massey University

Native Audio

Alex Mitchell, colour grading

Matt Draper, additional footage


With thanks to the project team:

  • Visionary and underwater cameraman: Steve Hathaway

  • Talent and voice over: Riley Hathaway

  • Project manager: Jani Alexander

  • Content producer and product owner: Reuben Pollock

  • Technical lead and development: Axel Busch, xlvisuals

  • User experience research and design: Liz Busch, xlvisuals

  • Graphic and creative design: Rees Morley, Morley Design Group

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