Get our popular Young Ocean Explorers - Love Our Ocean Book or TV series on DVD for your classroom or home!

The book, inspired by the popular TV series, features spectacular imagery by award-winning photographer Richard Robinson. It opens up a whole new world, bringing us face to face with the beauty and strangeness of the underwater realm in a quality never seen before.

New videos!
Interviews with Experts
Hauraki Gulf
YOE adventures
Which is the easiest piece of rubbish to pick up?
How do you save a bird?
Why is plastic so bad for sea creatures?
What does a dolphins sonar tell them?
Hope Stories - Revive our Gulf
Where do creatures poo in the ocean?
Which ocean job suits you best?
Riley explores a coral reef
Meet the striped marlin
Why get caught on a fishing line?
How do marine pests get to NZ
Riley swims with galapagos sharks
Learn to draw - Crayfish
Learn to Draw - Orca
Meet the bravest fish in the ocean!
Eudyptula, what?
What is a marine pest
Why shouldn’t we buy tortoiseshell?
Where do paddle crabs live?
How does a dolphin move?
Annoying species
Hope Stories - 1+A Day
Why is my dad scared of crabs?
How does a ray eat it’s food?
What is a gulf?
Most common dolphin?
Riley finds where the baby fish live
What is a marine pest?
How many whales?
How much oxygen do sea plants produce?
Is that an underwater robot?
Learn to Draw - Bryde's Whale
What made this crazy thing?
Do dolphins drink water?
Should sharks be protected?
Breathing is tricky for a turtle
Riley searches for crayfish
What do turtles use their back flippers for?
What eats turtles?
Kina - Rangatahi
What is an apex predator?
How many eggs does this huge fish lay?
Stop plastic!
Which fish's poo makes sand?
Love Our Sea song for ECEs
Andy Casagrande answers our questions