Get our popular Young Ocean Explorers - Love Our Ocean Book or TV series on DVD for your classroom or home!

The book, inspired by the popular TV series, features spectacular imagery by award-winning photographer Richard Robinson. It opens up a whole new world, bringing us face to face with the beauty and strangeness of the underwater realm in a quality never seen before.

New videos!
Interviews with Experts
Hauraki Gulf
YOE adventures
Meet the loggerhead turtle
Hope Stories - Experiencing Marine Reserves
Stop plastic!
Meet the humpback whale
Where did all the kelp go?
Riley's amazing ray adventure
Can you find the triplefin all over NZ?
Why do we call this a meatball?
Favourite marine reserve?
Riley visits a marine reserve!
Pāua, Kina & Rāhui
Rochelle Constantine answers our questions
Love Our Sea song for ECEs
Top tips on saving our oceans
Is the fur seal just a dog that swims really well?
What is it like to save an orca?
How to hide in plain sight
Is anything scared of a dolphin?
How can blind dolphins catch fish?
What are threats to seabirds?
What food would a turtle serve you at dinner?
Where do creatures poo in the ocean?
Learn to Draw - Octopus
Why is plastic so bad for sea creatures?
Learn to Draw - Bryde's Whale
Riley swims with galapagos sharks
What is a habitat?
Hope Stories - Revive our Gulf
Riley's amazing orca discovery
What do seabirds do?
Dr Siouxsie Wiles answers our questions
Peter Burling and Blair Tuke answer our questions
Goat Island
Sharks - super fast swimmers
What is an apex predator?
How does a dolphin move?
Should sharks be protected?
A swimming crab, WHAT?
Islands in the Hauraki Gulf
What do turtles use their back flippers for?
Learn to Draw - Māui Dolphin
What sea animal eats like a cow?
What eats turtles?
Ways to use less plastic
Riley goes whale watching
Clarke Gayford answers our questions
Learn to Draw - Bronze Whaler