Welcome to the 'Explorers Programme'

We have 2 exciting options of Explorers Programmes these school holidays!

Young Ocean Explorers, alongside NZ's top marine education providers, is excited to provide your child with a day trip of a life time! Either going to Kelly Tarltons or Goat Island for the day!!

Exploring what lies below the surface of Aotearoa - these school holidays. 

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Activities Included

Activities included in Kelly Tarltons day:

- Behind the scenes tour of Kelly Tarltons

- Turtle talk with turtle experts!

- Feeding fish behind the scenes

- BLAKE Virtual Reality

- Learning from marine experts

And more!

Activities included in Goat Island day: 

- Snorkel session at NZ's first marine reserve - Te Hāwere a Maki (Goat Island) if weather permits. If snorkelling is unsafe due to weather we will do a rocky shore session at Goat Island and a coastal walk!

- Experiencing the touch tank and amazing displays at the Discovery centre!

- Lab-based experiments/observations and  a dissection (for those who would want to do that) with marine biologists and experts!

- Fascinating presentation from marine experts!

Photo credit: EMR

Who's involved?

Young Ocean Explorers is running the Kelly Tarltons programme with Kelly Tarltons and BLAKE. And the Goat Island programme is collaborating with EMR and the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre!

All 4 days will be limited to 20 students each day aged 8-12 years old. 

Upcoming Event Dates

Sorry, we don't have any events scheduled at the moment.