Young Ocean Explorers:

Since 2012 we’ve been on a mission to inspire kids to love our ocean, through entertaining education. 

We want to capture children’s imaginations through great storytelling, bringing the beauty, awe and fascination of the ocean and its inhabitants alive. 

Our vision is to create generational change by connecting hearts and minds with the importance of enjoying and caring for our oceans and give them tools to make a better future. 

There’s never been a more vital time for the health of the ocean and this planet than now! 


Steve + Riley Hathaway


RILEY HATHAWAY - “The ocean is so fascinating and amazing – I hope you enjoy our stories and want to be Young Ocean Explorers too!”


Best experience on the ocean?
Swimming with turtles is incredible, but nothing compares to having a humpback whale swimming right next to our boat!

I love hanging out with friends, spending time in the ocean and playing sports for fun.

What are you scared of?
Dad’s jokes!

Where do you live?
Snells Beach, in beautiful New Zealand


STEVE HATHAWAY - “I’ve never felt so alive as when I’m filming underwater”

Underwater cameraman

Favourite marine animal?
Striped marlin

I love anything to do with the ocean, but mainly scuba diving, snorkeling, waterskiing and surfing

What are you scared of?
Crabs nipping my toes

Steve's footage has appeared on many international documentaries, including BBC’s series Blue Planet 2 (which he received a BAFTA award for) and ‘Blackfish’.


2018 Centre of Social Impact Report

Download the report to read about the amazing impact Young Ocean Explorers is having in New Zealand classrooms:


21 Day Challenges

The Young Ocean Explorers 21 day challenge is an integrated curriculum teaching resource that links to the New Zealand Curriculum at levels 1–4, but can be adapted for use at various levels.
Participants join thousands of students across Aotearoa as they simultaneously participate in this 21 Day guided inquiry, created by teachers for teachers.




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